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Day 4, 5, & 6: Going Outside...

Updated: Mar 13, 2019


  • Eye pain has mostly subsided

  • Using lubricating tear drops much more as the reduction in tearing has transitioned to dry eyes

  • Vision improves every day, but its still very blurry.

On Sunday (Day 4), I woke up feeling pretty ok. My eyes were a little dry as I still had the contact bandage in my eyes, but after being awake for a little while and using my eye drops, it started to feel normal again. This was the first day I was really able to watch TV (with the brightness turned way down and my sunglasses on), and read the text on my phone (with the font size maxed out on my already large Galaxy Note 4). I probably didn't need another heavy pain pill, but I took one and it started to make me feel sick to the point that I was worried I might puke. The thought of throwing up with my eyes still in pain was not comforting. I made it through without incident and stopped taking any pain killers beyond some Advil here and there.

On Monday (Day 5), I had to go to work. This was going to be an adventure. I thought about taking an Uber to work, but then I wondered if I'd be able to read the license plate to know which Uber is mine. Taking the subway seemed like an easier idea. Armed with my sunglasses, eye drops, and Advil, I made it through the day. My first thought when getting to the office building was how bright it was. It never really bothered me, but it was kind of dizzying walk around with all the bright lights. Lucky for me, I have my own office and I kept the lights off and worked with the natural light from the window. One of the reasons I had to go into the office was to do eight interviews with potential interns. I could barely read their resumes and it gave me a headache to concentrate that hard, so I explained to each one of them that I had no idea what was on the resume and they'd have to give me the summary. I'm sure that caught them off guard, but it worked out fine. I ended up working a full day, much to the disappointment of my wife.

Tuesday (Day 6) was the day I had be stressing about all week and I had an important conference at work that I absolutely had to be at. I woke up with dry eyes again, but mostly felt alright throughout the day. My vision did get a bit better between Monday and Tuesday and I could read a little better. Bright lights in conference rooms were the most bothersome to me, but I made it through another full day. At this point, I would say that life is mildly Inconvenient, but totally doable if you have to. That said, I really wish I hadn't been working the past two days. My advice is not to go back to work as quickly as I did.

Next up is Day 7, which is my follow up appointment with the doctor and I get that pesky contact out of my eye. Yay!

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