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Day 7: One Week Checkup

Updated: Mar 13, 2019


  • Dry eyes in the morning

  • Some light sensitivity

  • Improving, but still blurry vision

I was beyond excited for my one week checkup so I could get that darn contact bandage out of my eye. The feeling of waking up with a contact in your eye is never one that I enjoyed. As a contact wearer, I never, ever, slept in my contacts and hated how they dried out in your eye. As other side effects started to minimize, the dry contact in my eyes became the number one annoyance on day's 5, 6, and 7. Also, I had read from multiple other people that they had their contacts taken out on day 5 or 6, so I was a little annoyed that my doctor waited for seven days.

Before I even had my surgery they had me set up my appointments for the first week. The one week follow up was scheduled for 4:30 PM because I (stupidly) thought I would want to work a whole day and then do this. Two days post-surgery I had a change of heart and rescheduled for 10:45 AM, which I arrive promptly for.

In my head I had built up the assumption that the contact bandage had healed onto the eye and taking it off would be like peeling a sticky band-aid off your skin. The first thing the nurse did when she came in was put some eye drops in my eye, slide each contact over with her finger and take it from the corner of my eye... just like taking a normal contact off. Huh. That was easy. Then she checked my eye pressure with this little handheld instrument that she poked my eye ball with, which was not fun and I don't recommend. Having your eye ball touched, even lightly, is no fun after PRK as you can imagine it is very sensitive. My vision was checked and it was not very great. I think I could read the 20/50 line, or something around there. Dr Mandel said that I'm a boring patient and everything seems to be on track, which is good.

Without the contact in my eye, it felt different, but not necessarily better. I could feel that my eye was still a bit rough from the surgery. I used a lot more eye drops for the rest of the day. Also, my vision seemed to get a little worse throughout the day, but not terribly so.

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